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The Power of Simple Lists in Financial Planning

The Power of Simple Lists in Financial Planning

What are your top three financial goals? How do you think your goals could change after doing one simple exercise? Any of us can answer that first question pretty easily. We can spit out a few generic goals off the top of our heads. When we do, though, we’re probably cheating ourselves. That’s because setting goals off the top of our heads isn’t a really productive way to choose our investment strategies or make financials plans. And it’s certainly not the best way to prioritize our goals or keep them in focus.

The truth is one very simple exercise can help us set better goals. With that, we’re far more likely to be successful in achieving them. What exercise can help us? Simply by using a “master list.” Let’s find out how it all works, by looking at the captivating findings of a recent study and what it tells us about the benefits of using lists in financial goal setting. Then, we’ll see if your goals change for the better after you do the quick (~2-minute) master list exercise. Click here to learn more.

Here are 6 Payoffs of Using Lists to Set Your Big Financial Goals:

  1. Lists can change our top goals
  2. Lists can refine our goals
  3. Lists correct our misconceptions about our goals
  4. Lists can reveal the emotions behind the financial goals
  5. Lists can help us see our cognitive blind spots
  6. Lists can help us prioritize our goals

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