Financial Planning Process


Why is financial planning important?

The most common and costly error folks make is thinking that if they know what to invest in, their financial life will turn out the way they want it to. But there’s so much more to it than that.

After going through our financial planning process, you will walk away with a “financial game plan” that acts as a road map to take you from where you currently are financially to where you want to be and it will help you stay there.

Most people have a picture of an ideal financial life for themselves. The most effective way for this picture to come to fruition can’t be looking at one or two areas of your financial life in a vacuum.

We feel the best way to improve your financial life as a whole is to simply look at your financial life as a whole. This thought process lead us to develop our Six Step Process.

Our Six Step Financial Planning Process


Establish and define your goals and objectives:
The planner will get a clear understanding of your current financial situation and you and the planner will mutually define your goals and objectives.


Gather data:
The planner will gather all of the necessary information to prepare your plan.


Analyze and evaluate your financial status:
The planner will review and analyze your current portfolio, tax situation, income and expenses, estate plan, and insurance portfolio.


Develop and present a written financial plan with recommendations:
The financial planner will present your personal financial plan. The planner will educate and guide you to make financial decisions that will help you achieve your specific goals and objectives.


Implement the financial planning recommendations:
After you and your planner have agreed on how the recommendations will be carried out, your planner will execute the plan. This may involve coordination with other professionals such as CPAs and attorneys.


Monitoring the financial plan and recommendations:
Your financial planner will help you monitor your plan to make sure you are progressing towards your goals.  The planner will report to you periodically and recommend any adjustments that need to be made as conditions change.


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