7 Things We Can Learn from 2020

No one could have foreseen the events of 2020.

It was a tumultuous year. The pandemic overshadowed everything. Fires, hurricanes, protests, and the election dominated headlines. So did Tiger King, toilet paper shortages, major events held over Zoom, and everyday heroes.

For me, one of the biggest standout memories of 2020 has been the creative ways people and businesses have adapted in the pandemic.

What moments from the last year stand out for you?

Whatever they are—and whatever your verdict on last year may be—we can all agree 2020 has been disruptive and unforgettable.

It’ll be fascinating to see how history looks back at 2020 and what big lessons future generations take away from the past year.

As the year closes, here are some of the best life lessons we can take away from 2020 right now. Bringing these lessons with us into 2021 can help make life better and happier in the New Year and beyond.

There are a number of lessons that can be taken from 2020. Below are just a few:

  1. Accept that we can't (and never will) know everything
  2. Expect the unexpected
  3. Be thankful for the blessings in your life

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