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Why Now is the Best Time To Be Alive

Why Now is the Best Time To Be Alive

Would you choose to live right now?

Objectively, things aren’t easy for most of us right now. We’re facing social, economic, health, and environmental crises.

With all the chaos of today, it can be tempting to lean on nostalgia and believe previous generations had it better or easier. And it can make us long for what seem like simpler times.

In our newsletter this week, we go over the "7 Reasons Life Is Actually the Best It's Ever Been". Take a look at a few below:

We're living longer than people have ever lived before. Worldwide, more than 3 in every 4 people live to be at least 65 years old. In the U.S., life expectancies for men and women have increased by more than 10 years since 1950.

That's 10 more years the generations before us didn't have to enjoy retirement, spend time with family, and take in more of life's wonders.

Progress in medicine and health care is one of the reasons we're living longer than ever. In fact, since 1980, MRIs have been invented, smallpox was eradicated, artificial hearts were developed, and the human genome was sequenced.

These and other advancements have done more than just extend the length of people's lives. They've also compressed end-of-life decline, meaning people live better lives longer.

Globally, poverty rates have dropped by more than 50% since 2000. In the U.S., 8.4 million people have risen out of poverty since 2014.

Also promising, average earnings in the U.S. have increased nearly 20-fold since the 1950s. Adjusting for inflation, some experts say wages have grown by at least 35%, increasing Americans' purchasing power today when compared to 70 years ago.

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