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Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Goals by Asking 3 Daring "Whys"

Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Goals by Asking 3 Daring "Whys"

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

That’s true for most aspects of life, including our finances. Most of us realize that. It’s why we set New Year’s resolutions—and why more than half of all Americans set some type of financial goal as a resolution each year.

As great as setting goals is, it won’t accomplish much for you if you can’t achieve them. And, maybe not so surprisingly, the vast majority of people (92% according to the research) don’t achieve their goals.


Why do we struggle so much to meet the goals we set for ourselves? Is it because we don’t want to? Because we lack commitment? Not so much.

One big reason behind our failures is that most of us lack a clear connection between our present reality and the future we’d like to achieve. That vagueness can cut the emotional ties to a financial goal, draining the passion and commitment that actually lie within us.3 When we don’t connect to our goals at a deep level, it’s easy to get off track and lose our momentum.

So, how can we stay on track to achieve our financial goals?

By reconnecting with the vivid emotions behind them and digging deeper to uncover our inner passions and motivations behind our goals.3 A simple way to dig deeper into the underlying reason for your financial goals is by peeling back the layers and asking yourself “why?” three times.

1st Why: "Why do I want to obtain this financial goal?"

2nd Why: "Why do I desire this?"

3rd Why: "Why do I want to fulfill this personal desire?"

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