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Powerful Ways To Set Authentic Goals In Uncertain Times

Powerful Ways To Set Authentic Goals In Uncertain Times

What is your biggest obstacle to achieving your goals in 2021?

It’s not a lack of time or bad timing. It’s not age, ability, or finances. And it’s not even the coronavirus. Believe it or not, research says it’s you. In fact, most of us trip ourselves up when it comes to achieving our goals. That includes New Year’s resolutions. Even when we have the best intentions, we can get in the way of our own progress. And that’s far more likely to happen during times of uncertainty.

That’s when we tend to stagnate. We avoid long-term plans and push pause on our big goals. And we become paralyzed by uncertainty. Sometimes, that means we simply give up on setting goals entirely.And, yet, New Year’s goals help us. They give us a sense of control and keep us grounded in unpredictable times. And they can help us cope with uncertainty and motivate us to keep trying to improve parts of our lives. So, how do you overcome uncertainty paralysis? How do you set goals when everything feels so up in the air?

With a handful of simple, powerful principles that can help you set the right goals and expectations.

5 Ways to Illuminate the Path to Progress when Tomorrow is Uncertain:

  1. Check in with your priorities
  2. Emphasize process, not outcomes
  3. Set themes, not goals
  4. Focus on what you can control
  5. Commit to working on your goals every day

Uncertainty is an inescapable part of life. And after a chaotic year, it may seem like things are more unpredictable than ever. But the truth is that we live with a good amount of uncertainty every day.

Discovering possibilities in uncertainty and setting goals are some of the most important things we do as financial professionals. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, now’s a good time to check in and see if your goals still work or if it’s time to shift gears. Want to read more details about setting and achieving 2021 goals? Click here to read our newsletter.

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