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Passing Along Your Hard-Earned Money Wisdom

Passing Along Your Hard-Earned Money Wisdom

Jump-Start the Money Talk with these Engaging Conversation Starters:

Click here to read our newsletter with four thought-provoking conversation starters you can use to jump start the money talk with young people of almost any age. These can open up an ongoing dialogue about some of the most important financial lessons to share with your children and grandchildren.

Kids learn their money values from you. Have the hard conversations with them.

Money conversations can be hard. Have them anyway. If you really want your children to have good financial habits in the future, you can't afford to not talk to them about money now. While it's best to start when children are young, remember, it's never too late to get the conversation started.

Even if your children are going off to college or having children of their own, there are still important money lessons to share, from shopping for loans to retirement planning and more. Talking to children about money is crucial. It doesn't have to be a struggle.

Although money talks with kids can be tough, they don't have to be. Approaching these conversations in the right way can make all of the difference.

At Baron Silver Stevens Financial Advisors, LLC, we've got a lot of experience working with families and young people, teaching them good financial behaviors and setting them on the road to great financial habits. If you need some helpful advice on teaching children important money lessons—or if the young ones in your life could use a professional perspective, please reach out to us.

We would be happy to discuss this topic more and share some helpful advice. Read the rest of our newsletter and then give our Boca Raton office a call at 561-447-1997.

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