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Most Thrilling Vacation Yet?

Most Thrilling Vacation Yet?

What story do you want to tell about your next vacation? What could make your next trip amazing? The answers could lie in some of the latest trends in travel and those trends aren’t so much focused on exactly where folks are going.

Instead, current travel trends are giving us new ways to enjoy vacations and experience the world — no matter where our trips take us. These trends are also creating exciting new opportunities to make every vacation a memorable, enriching experience.

So, what hot travel trends could make your next vacation better than you ever imagined?

  1. Workcations
  2. Friendcations
  3. GOAT Vacations
  4. Extreme Adventures and Expeditions
  5. Transformational Travel
  6. Showcations
  7. Pet Travel

Find any of those travel trends fascinating? Have you already enjoyed any of them — or will make one part of your next trip? Click here to read more details.

Wherever you’ve been or whatever you’ve done on past vacations, your next trip can do a lot more than just give you a change of scenery. It can give you the chance to unplug, recharge, let off steam, and let go of some of life’s stresses. That can start happening after just four days away from the daily grind and those benefits may be one reason why vacations can make relationships stronger — and they can make us more resilient.

In fact, the reset we get from travel can better prepare us to take on life’s unexpected challenges when we get back home. Beyond that, vacations have also been tied to physical health benefits, like lower blood pressure and lower risks of heart disease. So, what does it all mean in the big picture? No matter how travel trends change, vacations are GOOD for us. They can nourish our minds and our bodies. And they can make us happier and make life far more satisfying. They’re just one piece of the puzzle in creating a truly rich life.

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