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Give Smarter & Make a Greater Impact with Philanthropy

Give Smarter & Make a Greater Impact with Philanthropy

What inspires you to give? Most of us give for the same basic reasons. We want to help others, make a positive difference in the world—and giving feels good. It makes us happy, and it connects us to the causes we care about.

Studies show that most charitable folks give according to their values or to support causes they care about. But they don’t always have a strategy around giving. Or a way to monitor for impact.

How do you make the greatest impact with your giving?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Many folks are passionate about giving but don’t have a defined strategy. Even though strategic giving can pave the way for thoughtful donations of money, time, and resources. And that can help you figure out how to do the most good for the causes that matter most to you.

Want to create your own charitable strategy? Check out the questions here to help create your own giving roadmap.

We have seen first-hand how the joy of giving and making an impact through philanthropy can change your life. When we give, we activate our brain’s pleasure centers. That’s one reason why philanthropy can feel so great.

Creating a values-based strategy can not only increase the satisfaction of giving, but also help create greater change in the world. When we look inward and think carefully about why we want to give and what we really want to achieve, we can get a clear idea of our motivations and goals for philanthropy.

And, we can start harnessing the financial and tax benefits of giving. Want help incorporating more philanthropy into your financial life? We are here to help.

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