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Financial Spring Cleaning

Financial Spring Cleaning

When was the last time you spring cleaned your house? Many of us do some form of spring cleaning in our homes regularly. But what about our financial "homes"? It can be easy to forget about the clutter and red tape that builds up in our finances. When we do, we can end up with some serious clutter. And that can have very real consequences. In fact, it won't just take up space. Clutter can also waste our energy, time, and even money. So, how can we deal with the financial clutter so it doesn't get in our way?

Let's find out by checking out some simple and painless financial spring cleaning tips:

  1. Purge the paper
  2. Audit your subscriptions
  3. Consolidate accounts
  4. Automate savings
  5. Make backups of important files
  6. Check in with your bigger financial goals

Have you already done some financial spring cleaning this year? What's first on your list (or next)? The truth is, no matter how old you are or how much money you have, financial clutter can pile up pretty fast for any of us. Bills, account statements, tax records, policy documents, business agreements, and more — our financial lives come with quite a paper trail.  That can overwhelm any of us.

In fact, it can stress us out and frustrate us almost constantly, especially if we're wasting time trying to sort out the basics. And if we ignore all that financial clutter, instead of managing it, we can easily slide into procrastination mode. When we do, impulsive decisions are more likely to follow. All of that can make it harder to look past the clutter and focus on what's really important.

So, how can you keep it all in check? Start with some simple spring cleaning in your financial house. Making that scheduled "spring cleaning" a habit can be even better. Click here to read even more details on financial spring cleaning!

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