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Are new retirement advice rules good or bad for investors?

Are new retirement advice rules good or bad for investors?

In recent years you may have seen headlines about new retirement advice rules for the financial services industry. Like many of us, you might have questions: What's a fiduciary? What do the new rules say? What does it all mean for investors?

We break it all down for you in this infographic.

Financial Lesson: Rules May Change. Our Commitment to You Does Not.

We believe every American has the right to honest financial advice that puts them first. As professionals, we’re dedicated to helping our clients navigate their financial lives with objectivity, compassion, and the highest standard of ethics. We're happy to see more investors benefit from the client-centric rules we have embraced since we opened for business.

Right now, we're working to incorporate the new regulations into our practice and you may see some changes as we adapt.

If we need to make changes to your portfolios to comply with the new regs, we'll reach out to you individually. It’s still not clear what the full ramifications of these new rules will be for investors big and small. If you have particular concerns about how the new fiduciary standard may affect your investments, contact us today.

And again, please take some time to look through our informative infographic breaking down the new retirement advice rules for investors.

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