6 Steps to Weathering a Recession

How to Potentially Survive & Thrive in a Recession

Economic expansions never last forever. Eventually, they'll be followed by a recession. It's inevitable. And it's a natural part of the economic cycle.

While we never know when the next recession will hit—or how long it'll last—history shows that, on average, recessions don't typically last as long as booms. We also know that, no matter when they hit, recessions will stir up anxiety and fear. And that'll trigger panic and rash decisions, which can lead to big losses.

So, resist the panic trap that can come with recessions.

If you can keep a level head, and follow these six steps, you'll be empowered to weather any recession—and any personal financial hardships you may face outside of recessions.

Remember, recessions are normal.

A lot of unknowns come with recessions. And that can make it easy to get anxious and lose sight of the big picture. But the truth is you can take action to weather the fallout—and with the right strategies, you can do more than simply survive. You'll have the tools to thrive during any recession.

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