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5 Critical Facts You Need to Know About Bear Markets

5 Critical Facts You Need to Know About Bear Markets

Bear Markets Are Inevitable. Here's How To Keep Your Cool.

Bear markets come and go. They are a natural part of the market cycle. But we never know when they'll happen or what exactly will trigger them.

While we can't predict when or why bear markets happen, what we do know is that bear markets commonly make people emotional and irrational. They can even breed a crowd mentality that causes paranoia and panic.

Want my advice?

Stop watching what others are doing. Focus on your own needs, portfolio, and risk tolerance.

It's nearly impossible to know what other investors are thinking and doing in real time, just like it's impossible to know what the "bottom" is in a bear market.

So, try to keep a level head and long-term view. And try to stay realistic.

Remember, all bear markets eventually pass! You'll never get to enjoy a market upswing if you get out too soon.

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